Customer Manager not shown in Outlook


Customer Manager may not appeard on Outlook ribbon when there are multiple accounts linked to the outlook profile. You may create a seperate outlook profile and use only the Office 365 Business Premium account on the profile.


The following are steps to create a new outlook profile:


1.  Open control panel (right click the windows icon and select “control panel”)


2. Search and open "mail"


3. Select “Show Profile”

Step 3.png


4. Make sure to select “prompt for a profile to be used” and click “Add”



5. Name the new profile (e.g. OCM)

Step 5.png


6.  On the pop-up screen, click “Connect to a different account.

Step 6.png


Enter your Office 365 account credentials and complete the set up. Once the mail profile is set up. Close and reopen outlook. Select the new profile when prompted





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