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Help! Bus premium Office 365 subscription and missing customer manager on tool bar! Not an option in add ins. (it is available in the toolbar on my online apps) but want to add to desktop application for when I'm working in office. Anyone have a solution?

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That seems to be a quite a common issue, as mentioned in some of the posts in the dedicated Outlook Customer Manager community. Specifically, have a look at the suggestions here that are worth checking out - OCM Add-in Not available for Office 365 Business Premium.


If none of those help, it might be worth posting in that community, as there is more chance someone will be able to help.  Hope you get it sorted!

Thanks Cian - I'm moving this question into the Outlook Customer Manager space for better visibility.

Ok can I check that this is being addressed...? I have an O365 Bus Premium account and a few days ago the Customer Manager app was visible in the matrix... now it's gone.

I'm trying to use it from within Outlook desktop app, too but the it just tries to load and load without resolving...  Any news or updates on this? Is it related to the lack of visibility in O365 admin centre?


so i am assuming by your laborious efforts, there is no known resolution to this issue? 

@Eric Starker 

@Fletch Peterson I've reached out to the team to try to get an answer for this.

thank you. i have reached out to support. they suggested me to reference an outdated doc. i have created a post on reddit. @Eric Starker . the user has o365 bus premium. OCM is listed under the user's subscriptions. but i have no way to see if the OCM is enabled.


this was suggested by ms support

  • Login to
  • Go to the Office 365 Mail settings
  • General > Manage add-ins > Check whether OCM is enabled for your account.

thing is... the path that was suggested is on an older layout of OWA. the new layout does not have "mail settings" if you do click all outlook settings and go to general, there is no option to manage add-ons. this is frustrating to say the least.

@Fletch Peterson I've reached out to the team and received this response.


Users can go to directly to view the Addins that are installed.


The OCM team is investigating why OCM is not showing up, as they've received sporadic reports. If I receive any updated information on this, I'll update this thread.

@Eric Starker Thank you for that link. I can confirm the user has bus premium, has OCM enabled. and still receive the "something went wrong error" when attempting to connect to OCM in OWA & desktop outlook client. IE is set as default browser, cache within IE has been cleared. User is still not able to access OCM. We have also disabled and re-enabled OCM in his license for 24 hours to no avail.