Customer Manager Missing Icon only for some users

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This is driving me nuts with frustration! We have nearly 283 users on 365. The majority have the customer Manager Icon in the Ribbon bar... but there are others that don't have the icon. Everyone on same release of office...


It really is driving me madwhy it is not showing for random users.


Google or bing search throws up no clues...


HELP, please!!




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I have checked the affected users - bearing in mind we are all the same domain, same tenant etc. I looked at the add-ins for them in 365 online and it is not showing the OCM for those users.... there appears to be 12 out of the 280+ that are in this situation. I can find no rational explanation... I have also out of curiosity re-installed office to their pc's - still nothing!. It really is driving me mad why this is happening.

@Ian Cowan -- Outlook Customer Manager is being rolled out to all Business Premium users through automated process. Depending on which server the user's mailbox is hosted, some users may have the app sooner than others.


I will reach out to you via private message to check the status of the users not getting OCM.

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Found the solution to the problem... as I was testing calendars and groups for an office and had an idea as some users did not see groups. The solution is to put the user in cached mode....!!