Customer manager does not work error HTTP/2.0 401

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Can someone tell me how to fix this? I just upgrade to 365 bus premium yesterday. It worked yesterday and now it doesn't. I am on a MACScreen Shot 2018-02-21 at 4.04.51 PM.png

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Hi Lisa,

You probably have already got it to work again, but OCM is basically a web app and a 401 error means it did not authenticate correctly. Unfortunately I have no experience with MAC. I would try closing outlook. Then open Safari and log into Outlook Web Access and once you are in re-open outlook.

Hi Lisa,


Try the following steps to see if the issue can be fixed:


  1. Disable develop menu;



  1. Clear Safari cache;
  2. Restart Outlook client.


Note: This action will wipe out everything in Safari, but this is one time action and you don't need to do this every time open OCM.


Hope this helpful.


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