Customer Manager Companies and Saving Size

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Hello, I am able to use manager and love it.  Some initial questions that we're answered but not complete. 


1. Sizing - I was able to increase the size of Customer Manager, but when I go back to it, it decreases again, how can I save it? 


2. Contacts - I assume these are pulled from Outlook 365 contacts? 


3. Companies, when assigning a contact to a company, I see duplicates with companies.  Is there a way to merge or delete the extra company that doesn't have a contact associated to it? 

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Hi Joe,


Could you provide us the detailed steps you used to increase the Outlook Customer Manager size? We’d like to reproduce this problem and check if we can help you save it.


About the contacts. Yes, they are included in Outlook client’s contacts.


For the duplicate companies, please give us a screenshot for a better understanding.


Thank you for your cooperation.


1. I put my mouse over the customer Manager on the right side, holder down control and increased the font.  Stayed that way for a while but now goes back to really small font. 


2.  All my contacts are not in Outlook Customer Manager, they don't sync


3. Provided screen shot 



Hi Joe,


About the Outlook Customer Manager interface, it’s not feasible to change it. We welcome that you share your feedback here:


For adding contacts to Outlook Customer Manager, please refer to this article: