Customer Manager Button in Outlook Not Active

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Hi There

I have installed the Customer Manager in Add In section but the Customer Manager button in Quick Access toolbar is not active



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Hi Vik,


I would like to confirm:

1. Some details about how you installed OCM.

Generally, Office 365 Business Premium users will be assigned the OCM license. Then, OCM will be enabled for them automatically, instead of installing manually.

2. If you click an email in Outlook, can you see the OCM button?

3. Some screenshots about "but the Customer Manager button in Quick Access toolbar is not active".




Hi Kanjie

1. I installed OCM from Add-ins section manually.

2. Yes I can see OCM Button (actiuvated) when I open the email, but if I have any email highlighted not open, then i see the OCM Button but not activated (this is the issue I am referring too)

3. Screenshot attached


Hi Vik,


The issue should be related to Outlook client side. I’d like to confirm the following to identify it:

  1. If possible, could you please check whether OCM can be used on another PC with Outlook 2016 fresh-installed?
  2. Meanwhile, please click the … button in the lower nav bar, check if you can access OCM via the Add-ins button.



Best Regards,


@Vik Gupta, please make sure to enable the reading pane on your outlook:



Hi Welly Lee

Thanks for your reply

If I activate reading pane, it does have the Customer Manager button activate but only for that particular email or contact, but I want the button activated so the whole customer manager Dashboard can open when I am not in any particular email


Hi Vik,


There are two ways to access OCM.


  1. You can access OCM via clicking the …button in the lower navigation bar.
  2. Select one email or contact and click the OCM button to access it.


If it doesn’t address your concern, could you please provide some screenshots about the symptom you have met?




Hi Vik,


Let me know if you are still experiencing the issue.




I have the OCM logo in my navigation bar but when I click on it, it says "We didn't find anything to show here" and the OCM logo in the Add-ins Ribbon is greyed out.

Hi Michael,


About this issue,  I would like to confirm the following information:

  1. Please let the user encounter the issue go to > Subscriptions > check whether he/she have the Outlook Customer Manager license. See the screenshot below:
    OCM license..jpg
  2. Go to the Office 365 Mail settings.
    OCM IN OWA.png

General > Manage add-ins > Check whether OCM is enabled for your account.



If the settings above are all set, please wait for 24h and restart the Outlook client, the OCM button will appear.




now whenever I click on it it says " ADD-IN ERROR, Sorry we had to restart because the add-in wasn;t responding"

how do i restart the Outlook Client?