Customer Manager Banner shaded grey, doesn't open

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I downloaded customer manager yesterday. When done it was active on the banner. This morning after signing in, it was shaded gray and did not open. 

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Hi Null,


Outlook customer manager doesn't need to download. It will install automatically if you configure an Office 365 Business Premium account via Exchange in Outlook 2016.


You can access Outlook Customer Manager through the button on the Outlook ribbon or through the navigation pane. The Customer Manager button on the ribbon is located on the Home tab, which is the default tab when you're viewing your email. Please click an email and check if the icon will be active.


You can also use the navigation pane to access Outlook Customer Manager, choose Shows the More button in Office Mobilein the nav pane and then choose Add-ins





Hi Lance,

I have a related issue. The OCM addin is visible in the ribbon and I seem to have full functionality when in the 'Mail' context however the add-ins option in the navigation pane that you have 'boxed' in your picture is missing for me so I cannot access the full OCM functionality. Any ideas?



I have a premium license, and can open customer manager via the add-ins button, however i still have a greyed out icon in my menu heading.