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I've created a few custom columns within Deals, one being a date field.  However when I go to filter my deals, and select the custom date field I created; no date option shows up in the "Search For" field.  The "Search For" field is looking for numerical input vs a date input, like the default "Close Date". Am I missing something?

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Hi Stuart,


Glad to reply to your post here. 


To better help you, I'd like you can provide some detailed steps about your performance (some related screenshots are also welcomed) so that I can help check it and provide the proper reply. 




Hi Alan,


Thank you.  Here's the detailed steps; and I'll repeat them as I type this to verify the problem.


1)Open OCM.
2)Click Deal in the top menu.

3)Click Add Column.

4)Column Type - Date, Name - Test Date

5)Click Add.

6)Click Filter.

7)Select - Test Date (First box)

8)Select - Equals to (Second box)

9)???? (Third Box)

***I also added data to the fields and repeated steps 6-9, and still no calendar option shows up in the (Third Box).


Based on the default "Close Date" in the (first box), the (third box) should pop up with a calendar option.  But when you create a custom column; the third box is only accepting a numerical input.


Hope that helps, let me know if you have further questions.





Hi Stuart,


Thanks for your clarification. 


I have gone through your steps with my own machine and I got the same result as yours. The third box can be only input with number. Please see the following screenshot. 



So here I'd like to know whether you have any special reason or requirement to do so. I will try my best to find a workaround for you. 



Hi Alan,


Thank you for verifying.  Because I'm in the lending/banking industry I need to be able to track and search multiple dates as everything I do is time sensitive.  Application Date, Instruction Date, Funding Date, Renewal Date, Mortgage, Insurance, Investments, etc.  This is not only critical to determine what the most important task is, but it will also serve a large purpose years down the road when I want to follow up with clients when their products mature / renew.  Being able to enter custom data is only 50% of the equation, being able to access it is the other 50%.


It looks like OCM isn't quite ready to be implemented, at least for me.