currencies missing


well done team. you went and removed most of the currency options and now all my deals have been changed into a currency that I didn't select. My native currency is no longer available in the drop down. I used to see a long list of currencies to choose from and now only see 6-7 currency options.


Who can trust you guys with business data when you are actively editing my data without permission or notification!!! I am furious.

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Hi Boss,


Could you capture screenshot of the drop down list here for us checking?

Also, could you try to clear IE cache to see the outcome?


  1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.
  2. Delete cache files for the website "".
  3. Then, restart Outlook 2016.




boilerplate replies when what I reported is obviously not a cache issue! I wish you would have checked the latest version of your software prior to wasting both our time.


only 10 currencies exist in the drop down.

I also need Mauritian Rupees in the list of currencies, how can we get this?