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I have currently installed the Office 365 Enterprise Premium suite with the primary goal is to have access to the Outlook Manager CRM. After the uninstallation of his Office Personnel then the year-round purchase and installation of the Office 365 Enterprise Premium all the software works except CRM Outlook Manager which is not visible. By logging on to the administration of the Office, it indicates that this "add-on" is ACTIVE. Searching a little on the Internet I modified this pack in "First Release", expected more than 24 hours hoping to see it visible on Outlook .... Still nothing.


I have several questions:

-Why is it not visible?

- Did you have this type of problem?

- What solutions?


Moreover, by downloading the iPhone application CRM Outlook Manager and trying to connect I have a very strange error message. See below. Thank you in advance for your help.

"ERROR: ErrorAllSalesTeamSyncJobCreationFailed ERROR CODE: 0 ERROR DETAILS: The operation could not be completed
 (ErrorAllSalesTeamSyncJobCreationFailed error 0)."
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Hi Camille,


To use Outlook Customer Manager, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. You need to be a subscriber of Office 365 Business Premium.
  2. The Outlook client’s version should be higher than 1611(build 7521.2072).
  3. Use the right account with the latest Outlook client.