Creating new document-folder for deal automatically

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I got a suggestion : When you want to copy or drag&drop existing documents to a new deal, this process is relatively complicated.
Pleas implement a function that automatically creates this folder.

Alternatively, maybe  a good compromise.
In Deal/Document there is a " + Button" where you can select
Add Link
Add File

There should be a third selection named
Create Folder

Currently copying existing files e.g. from an existing deal to a new deal within windows explorer is complicated.

First you have to Add an existing file (I always use a 1 kB File that I delete later on) to trigger OCM to create that directory.
Then windows explorer is able to access this new folder and then it is easy to do the required file copies.

What do you think?

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For improvement suggestions I think you should better post your ideas here:

OK, I did so.