Contact importing issue in OCM

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I am using BCM and tried to import my contacts to OCM as csv. file. Most of my contacts have more than 2 email ids and phone numbers, while importing to OCM, it is not maintaining the field relationship and it only provides specific inbuilt fields to map csv. contact columns with new columns. I can't even add more than one email Id per contact.

Is there any other way to add contacts from BCM to OCV (via csv.) maintaining all its fields. I can't import one by one as I got more than 5000 contacts..

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Hi Chris,


Eric Legault, a Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP), has released a BCM migration assistant for BCM users to migrate data to OCM. You can find the tool at The documentation can be found at






Be advised that once your data is in OCM you will very quickly discover that OCM pretty much cannot do anything you will expect of it. Export doesn't work if you try to escape the death grip of OCM. Buggy, Slow performance. The list goes on and on. Take a look around here and save yourself a lot of pain and headaches. Do not use OCM unless you just plan to verify for yourself how flawed the current version of OCM is. Consider this. Job Title isn't even a standard column....Need I say more? Good luck with everything and thanks for posting your experience here.

Thanks for your response. Do you have any other recommendation for any CRM that works better than OCM?