contact data corruption and duplication


Writing here just to save people from losing hours of their time thinking they have done something wrong when in fact it is this software that is riddled with bugs.


Just noticed now that i have 3 contacts duplicated by OCM. These contacts are linked to deals. Now when i open the deal I see an X next to the contact name which says the contact no longer exists. But I have 2 contacts in my contacts. I cannot delete the contacts because they are locked due to the link in the deal.


If someone from microsoft comes here and asks me to clear the cache I will loose my mind! The outlook team need to remove this software from general use and apologise to people who have lost so much time trying to work with this. Back to Beta and dont release it again until it works.


Apologies for the agressive tone but this is not some free app in beta on the insider program.

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Hi Boss,


Sorry for the inconvenience caused by COM.


First , we need to confirm if the Outlook client has updated to the latest version. It will be appreciated if you can share the detailed vesion build with us via File> Office Account > Product Information.


And you mentioned that there are 3 contacts duplicated by OCM, I'm wondering how the 3 contacts generated. Are they created by yourself in OCM or you import them from a .CSV file to OCM?


Please capture a screenshot of the issue so that we can better understand and analyze the scenario.





I am running build 8431.2079


I went and renamed each of the duplicates. By adding a 0 at the end of first contact and 1 at the end of the second contact. Now in my deal I only see the name of the contact with 0 but when I open the contact with the 1 at the end I can see the deal is still connected to this contact. I cannot post photos of company contact information here sorry.