Cannot edit any Customer Manger: Contacts, Companies or Deals

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We have recently begun testing OCM in a move to get off of Sales Outlook as our CRM. I have setup the OCM on a couple of Sales user's Outlook 2016 accounts. I can create new contacts, companies and deals; however, when I go to edit a previoulsy created object the edit screen is blank. If I continue to click edit, the text around in Outlook proceeds to get smaller and smaller . ..  A panel does show up on the right side; howver, it is empty. I've already deleted the outlook app cache from Internet Settings but this same issue happens anyway. If i click on a previously created Business Contact to view the details, a blank pane opens. If I click a Company entry, the details show up but if I attempt to click a deal associated, the blank pane returns. If I attempt to click an associated contact, I show a little Icon saying the contact has been deleted or not shared with me even though that contact IS one of mine. If i attempt to go to the Deals page and click an existing deal, previously created, the blank pane comes back . .. 


Image of empty pane attached as jpg 

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Hi Clint,


May I know if all users in your organization encounter the same problem? You can disable OCM in Outlook Web App and re-enable if to check if the problem still persists.


Also, please tell us the detailed version of the Outlook client you used.




Hi Clint,

Hate to say this but OCM is not going to be the product you leave Sales Outlook CRM for. Its a far inferior product to what you currently are using. Please take a look around the forum here and you will quickly see how many people have tested OCM and quickly drop it like a hot stone. Please save yourself a lot of time and stress by not pinning hopes to OCM.

unfortunatly . .. management jumped the gun on that . .. closed the account with SalesOutlook already. When I said "lets test this as a possible replacement" someone else said "lets cancel this and replace it" . .. . so, its either this or something else. . I think this could work as we only have three sales reps and its primary purpose is simply to keep each other up to date with all corrospondance with all customers. . . if this cannot handle three sales team members it should not have been released to public.