Can't sign in to Customer Manageer

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When I click on the add-in's tab it takes me to the Customer Manager page but says it encountered a problem:


We encountered an error. Please try again.


It asks for me to sign into my Office 365 account.  Either nothing happens or I keep getting this error.

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H Doug,


Please check the following points:

1. Go to > Subscriptions > check whether you have the Outlook Customer Manager license.

2. To narrow down the issue, if possible, please check whether OCM can run on a fresh-install computer with Outlook 2016.

3. Did OCM work before? Or, the OCM never run before?




I looked at my subscriptions.  Yes, I have OCM.  It works in Outlook such as when I'm in my inbox and can see activity associated with a contact/email.  But when I click on the tab for add-ins to see the home screen for OCM (Contact / company / Deal, etc.) it won't work.


2017-04-09 09_19_22-Outlook Customer Manager - - Outlook.png


Here is how it looks in Outlook email.



Hi Doug,


Thanks for your reply.


1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.

2. Delete cache files for the website "".

3. Restart Outlook 2016.


If the issue persists, I've sent you a private message to collect more information for us to investigate the issue. You can click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.




Hi Doug,


Is OCM working now?