Can´t login to Outlook Customer Manager IOS/Iphone APP

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I can´t login in to the app. The app asks me for O365 account and password. I provide both, but I only get an errormessage like "Nothing happens...please try later".

I´ve tried to log in for the past two weeks, but always the same result. I have the plugin activated in my Office 365 Business Premium Account, and it works fine in Outlook and outlook for Iphone (app). 

I´ve also asked our O365 administrator who tells me that everything looks like it should. Therefore, I ask for some assistance and advise. What can I do to make it work? Thanks /Rikard

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Hi Rikard_M.


There are a number of us experiencing the same issue!


I have logged Multiple Office 365 Support Tickets (paid). I have tried the Outlook Mobile app support team. I have tried using Microsoft Partner Network resources. There is a serious lack of response from Microsoft to the issue of iOS users receiving errors when attempting to use this app.


Outlook Customer Manager is a paid-for feature of Business Premium. For some customers it is one of the biggest selling points of Business Premium (especially those that are simply too small for Dynamics 365 CRM).


If ANYONE gets this working, kindly share the resolution with the community.


Microsoft - PLEASE HELP US get this working!

@Rudy Xu We need some answers here!

Thanks for your reply


it´s a really annoying issue - almost everything else is working together in O365 but not this one. The lack of response and solutions to solve it, is affecting the whole experience of using O365 and cloud-services. As you mentioned, a hugh number of small companies really need this to work. I hope that Microsoft will take action soon. Again, thanks for your quick reply - best regards Rikard

Hi Rikard,


As you mentioned, your account works well in Outlook client, please try to check if you can access Outlook Customer Manager in Outlook desktop as following so that we can confirm if OCM is enabled for your account:


Click "..." > Add-ins.


If you can access OCM via Outlook client, but still cannot sign in OCM app in iPhone, may I know if the issue happens to all users in your organization or only you?


At the meanwhile, please confirm you have installed latest version of Outlook Customer Manager app in your iPhone.




Hi, and thanks for your answer. I can confirm i have the latest version of IOS app for outlook customer manager, the latest available. Its looks like i’ve got the Swedish version called ”kunder”. I have checken the appstore for updates but cant fond any.
I can also confirm that OCM works and is availabe in my desktop version.
I will chat with my colleagues to figure out if i’m the only one experiencing this problem, or if there is more users with the same issue. In my first post i provided screenshoot of the errormessage. Big Thanks for your assistance best regards /Rikard

Hi again,


I´ve been speaking to a few of my colleagues. Some of them is experiencing problems, similar to mine. As far as I understand, I´m not the only one. I´ve been reading a few threads about exact the same issue. The App is not updated since about nine month ago (by Microsoft), maybe I´ts time to do something there. There are many frustraded users longing for a solution in this matter. Im not sure the problem is relatade to me, my account och computer configuration. I think the problem is within the app. I think you should do some more research there. Keep us all updated about your efforts to solve this. I´ve been contacted by users who thinks that Microsoft won´t do anything due to a dead product (Outlook Customer Manager). We are acutally paying for Business Premium where this add-in is included. I´m expecting this to work as soon as possible.

Best regards




 @Rikard_M Hi Rickard.


Havre you found any solutions? I am still facing the same problems. Microsoft support has not been able to comment or find a solution.



@ryanbialek  I've found a solution and I can now login into the Outlook Customer Manager App for Iphone.


After all of my e-mails, support-conversations, suddenly an update appeared on appstore. I updated the app and it worked.


If you haven't already updated the app, go to appstore and update. Make sure you have the latest version of IOS as well. Good luck to you