Can "deals" field name be changed?

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I work for a small office nonprofit and I wonder if major field names can be changed somewhere in the OCM architecture? Maybe in Sharepoint some place? I am the system admin too, by the way. For us, it would help my users to consider the "deals" element to be something more like "opportunity" or "donor possibility," if you see where I am going with this.  Additionally, "company" might be best thought of as "organization." 


I know that some of this could be handled with renaming category designations, but I am just trying to mold the OCM environment to better reflect my need for a simple CRM, nonprofit style. Thanks!

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Hello Rgnicholas,


It is not feasible to rename the major columns. If needed, we recommend you feedback it to our related team via the link below:

Thanks for your understanding.




Rudy, thanks for the info. I had a feeling that I might get that answer. "Maybe" it would be a good feature request. If the process of setting up OCM would give a choice of a primary naming routine dependent upon the industry type (of the end user).


For example... for the nonprofit, call them "donors or constituents" rather than "customers." and use "donation or solicitation" rather than "deal."


Just my 2-cents. Thanks.