Can only export 250 items (business)

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Hi, we use Outlook Customer Manager in our business. 

It is only possible to export 250 business items to CSV (Excel) . 


Default browser is set to Internet Explorer. 


But we have almost 500 contacts to be exported. What can we do ? 

Via Media 

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Hi Via,


There is no such a limitation for exporting items in OCM. Could you please share the detailed steps to export items in OCM?


You can should select Export > All rows in this table to export the OCM data.





Whatever I do, I experience the same.

Please see this:

Hi , we have tried all ways to export our business contacts. We have used hours with 3 different support pro members, but still the issue is not solved.  It is impossible to export our own business contacts :(


We have updated all our systems , new hardware newest version of Internet Explorer, Office 365 Business Premium, newest Outlook version etc , etc - nothing helps.



Via Media , Denmark

same result with All rows ...