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 I am trying to add a new OCM contact from my Outlook contact list but when I click "All Contacts" only 494 of over 2500 Outlook contacts show up to select from.

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It seems like OWA is not accessing the primary Outlook contact list. Is there a way to direct it or reset it?

Is no one else experiencing this issue?  What I have determined is that OCM is trying to combine both the primary Outlook contact list and a secondary Outlook list that I maintain into the "All COntact" list.  That said it apparently can not deal with the total number of contacts (4700 between the two lists) stopping at approxamatley 500. In addition it seemingly will only sort based on full name, i.e. first then last, which is less than desirable.  As it stands I have no way to add the bulk of my existing Outlook contacts to OCM except either manually recreating each contact or via a csv import.  I want to like OCM but so far the limitations seem to outweigh the benifits.