Add-in Restarting


I am having issues with Today screen and add-in constantly restarting.


I have re-installed the app, deleted the web pages in IE.


The Contacts page seem to work.


The Tasks in Today page seem to crash the Today page 

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Hi Dave,


I suggest you clear the cache of IE browser with the steps below:

  1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.
  2. Delete cache files for the website "".
  3. Restart Outlook 2016.


If the issue persists, I've sent you a private message to collect more information for us to investigate the issue. You can click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.


Best Regards,


I have tried this many times without success on 3 different machine

tried sending log, over 60,000 characters

Hi Dave,


I have sent my personal email address (for testing purpose)to you via PM. Please copy the detailed log into a .txt file and send the file to us.


Appreciate your effort.