Access Data without using Add-on

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Is there a way to access the source data without actually going into the Add-in? Also, I noticed whenever I add a contact to OCM, it adds it to "My Contacts", but when another employee adds it, it does not. Can this be updated somehow?

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Hi Caitlin,


For the first question, we have two methods to access OCM data in Outlook client at present. You can go into the Add-in or click directly OCM next to the Store button.




For the second question, when you add a contact, check the contact details as the image below shows.




If you enable Business contact, this contact will be added as an OCM contact and s/he will not show in the "My contacts" list (Outlook contact). While, if you turn off the button, this contact will be added as an Outlook contact rather than OCM contact. S/he will appear as your colleague's.