600 duplicate Company entries

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I have about 600 duplicate companies in my OCM. That's how it went:


- I created a contact person from a unexisting company

- while creating the contact I created the company (new company)

- spinner kept on going


result : 600 companies with the same name are now in my OCM


How can I delete them ?

Thanks for your anwser.

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Hi Peter,


Regarding deleting duplicated companies file, I have sent you a private message. Please check it.




Thanks Shuman, I replied to this message.


How can I contact you Shuman. I have a little issue using the SOAPe

Hi Peter,


Thanks for your private message and screenshots. We are investigating it and will keep you updated there.


Your patience will be appreciated.




Any chance of getting help with similar issue?  When I initially setup OCM, adding contacts, I added a company, it was created new, took long time to save and now I have over 13,000 (no typo) records for one company.  I have tried to bulk delete them with no success.  I have even removed the company from the actual contact, then tried to delete the actual contact, cleared the cache numerous time, but company is still showing. See attached screen shot.


Please help.