401 Unauthorized: Access is denied dude to invalid credentials

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How do you reset the login for OCM? This user signed in to OCM with the wrong account, and that account did not have access to OCM, so now they get a Pop up window that says the above. But how can we change the login? I cannot seem to find the place to reset login

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Hi David Petree,


Please make sure the user is selecting the right BP account, then navigate to OCM by the Add-ins in the bottom left corner in Outlook 2016. 


If issue still persists, try to clear IE cache and check if the issue persists.


1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.

2. Delete cache files for the website "outlookapps.com".






I tried this yesterday and it did not work. Once we deleted the cache files "Outlookapps", restarted Outlook and clicked on OCM, it popped back up with the 401 Unauthorized error again. Yea, i did all these things yesterday and nothing worked. I was hoping there was another way. I can just open a ticket with Premier support and have them take a look