Things to know about the new Outlook for Windows
Published May 17 2022 12:00 PM 4.4M Views

Editor's note 9/28/22: We have updated the "known gaps" table to reflect the latest status.

As we announced today here, the new Outlook for Windows is now available for customers who are opted into the Office Insiders Beta Channel.


Use the new Outlook for Windows to be more productive and stay in control of your inbox. This version has new intelligent features like message reminders and a new calendar board that puts your email, calendar, and to-do in the same view. And now with Microsoft Loop components, you can collaborate across Outlook and Teams while staying in the flow of your work.


If you are a paid customer with a commercial or education mailbox as your default sender account in classic Outlook for Windows and are in Beta Channel, you will see a “Try the new Outlook” toggle in the top right corner of that Outlook for Windows app. Switch that toggle to start using the new Outlook for Windows.


This is an early preview of the new Outlook and hence, not all functionality from the classic Outlook for Windows is available in this version yet.


If you encounter any issues in this early Beta Channel build, please report it through the feedback icon in the upper right corner.

If any of those limitations are critical for your work, we recommend you stay in the classic Outlook until they are resolved, or you can switch the toggle to go between apps as often as you want.


Known gaps:


New Outlook for Windows capability



In development


In development

Account support (

Updated to: Available

3rd party account support (Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud and other IMAP accounts)

In development

POP support


Support for accounts in US Government clouds


Outlook data (.pst) files


Continuous Access Evaluation

Updated to: Available


Delegation and shared mailboxes

Updated to: Available

Quick Steps

Updated to: Available

Search Folders

In development

Folder reordering

Updated to: In development


In development: web add-ins

*There is no plan to support COM/VSTO Add-ins at this point, but the investments to enrich the Web Add-in platform to offer similar capabilities will continue. Please share any outstanding gaps here.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list.


The new Outlook for Windows is enabled by default for all users with a Microsoft 365 account in the Office Insider Beta channel.

If you are an organization’s admin and you would prefer to disable your users from syncing their accounts to the new Outlook for Windows, please follow these PowerShell instructions:


To change the syncing permissions to the new Outlook for Windows for your whole tenant, run the following script:


  1. Run the PowerShell app as an administrator
  2. Input: Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName <administrator email>
  3. Input: Get-CASMailbox|Set-CASMailbox -OneWinNativeOutlookEnabled <$true> if enabling or <$false> if disabling

To change permissions for a single user:

  1. Run the PowerShell app as an administrator
  2. Input: Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName <administrator email>
  3. Input: set-CASMailbox <Email being enabled/disabled> -OneWinNativeOutlookEnabled <$true> if enabling or <$false> if disabling


You can also use the following command in PowerShell to confirm that the new Outlook for Windows is disabled for the specified account:

Get-CASMailbox <email being checked> | Select *


Go through the list of mail clients and confirm that OneWinNativeOutlookEnabled has the required value next to it.


Keep in mind that even if users are not part of the Beta Channel but are able to download and install the new Outlook for Windows, they could connect their work or school accounts. The only way to, surely, prevent that is running the PowerShell commands above.


For additional information on managing employee access to the new Outlook for Windows, click here

Thank you!

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