Outlook for Mac adds new time zone features in Insider Fast

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Outlook for Mac is now more powerful for managing your time across different time zones. We're now shipping two of our most-requested calendar features: display second time zone on Calendar grid, and allow setting of start/end time zones in events.


These features are now available to Insider Fast starting from version 16.11(180214). Enabling second time zone in Calendar grid requires an Office 365 subscription.


You can new add a second time zone on the calendar grid so you can easily refer. To show the second time zone, go to Outlook > Preferences > Calendar, or by right-clicking the grid to see the second time zone options :Second TZ.png


To schedule an event with a start time and end time being in different time zones (for example, a flight across time zones), simply toggle on the "Time Zone" option via Ribbon, or via menu Message > Time Zone:




We would love to hear from you, so please provide feedback and report bugs via Help > Contact Support. If you would like to see enhancements and additions to this feature, (or Outlook for Mac as a whole), please vote for the idea on our UserVoice site (Help > Suggest a Feature).



Q. I am on the latest version of Outlook for Mac 16.11 (180214), but I am not seeing the new features.

A: We are gradually rolling out the release of second time zone on Calendar grid, it will be fully released to all Insider Fast by 2/15. So stay tuned if you don't see the new feature for now. Also make sure you activated Outlook for Mac with an Office 365 subscription license.




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I just got version 16.11 (180305) and I cannot disable the timezones from the Calendar entries.

I mean, the timezones should only be visible by default when they differ from the default one, or if the user clicks on the button to see/set the Timezones.

But when you open an already existing entry, scheduled in the default timezone, then it shouldn't be visible by default.

And if it appears, but then I click in the button to not see it, I save the calendar entry, and when I enter again, I see it again.

That should be enhanced, like in Outlook for Windows.

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Meanwhile as of this morning (Monday March 12) DST still displays incorrectly for the week of March 11 (this week) in the regular release of Microsoft Outlook for Mac -- fixed in the "Insider Fast" version only? 




Hi Tommy, the issue of time shift of event on the week of DST is fixed in latest InsiderSlow and will be released to Production tomorrow (Mar 13). Please see InsiderSlow release notes for details:



Hi Florencia, can you reach out to us through in-app support (Help menu > Contact Support) and we can investigate the issue you are reporting? Thanks!

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Hi Zan Chu,


Thanks for the answer. I'll give the "Contact support" option a new chance. In the past, no-one answered, or they did it so late, that I couldn't remember the details of the issue. 


Let's see what happens now.


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This is all fine but I need to use Mac Outlook for Mac ( version 16.16.2)  When will the two time zone calendar option be available on the local install build of Outlook?

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This is a super helpful feature... one that has been cheered-on by many users. The only real problem I'm now seeing (along with others in this thread) is that the feature is being disabled based on the type of licensing we have.


After contacting support (via Help > Contact Support), I'm finding that an O365 machine that I own (a personal machine) enables the feature, because I'm logged-in using an O365 license (older machine, used at a previous employer).


However, on my current work machine, I am logged-in via my company's credentials as a Volume License user, and the feature is disabled.


Both versions of Outlook are the exact same, and I have the exact same build number on both: Version 16.14 (build 180502).


What gives??


  1. Why is this feature _only_ available to O365 licensees?
  2. When, if ever, will it come to Volume License users?


I don't understand the product decisions here... how would someone even know *which* Office features are disabled to certain users (but appear to others) let alone *why* certain features are disabled?? Many of us don't even know which licensing program we're using, and it's infuriating to know that certain licenses allow certain features while disallowing others. So confusing, so frustrating.


Most of us _barely_ know that product name, version, and build number of our Office products... 


Thanks for any help,


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Has this feature been removed again? (I’m on 16.12) I had started using it and it was extremely helpful - just noticed second timezone column disappeared and option in menu is also no longer there.

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It quite painful that this feature is avalaible only to O365 customers

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Using the version 16.15 (180709) and nothin showing.

This features was removed?

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This has confused me.. I'm a Office 365 user and on 16.15 (180709) and no menu item also.  Are we going backwards?

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Updated to the version 16.16 (180910) and still nothing.

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Hi all,


Is there any Microsoft people to answer?

It's a pain now. 2 time zones are needed for business and less needed for personal use...

Why it was added everywhere except business edition (Volume license)?


May be anybody knows - was it fixed in 2019 edition?

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Can someone at Microsoft please tell me why the Outlook Calendar support for two time zones is not yet supported in Outlook for Mac version 16.16.3.  I don't understand why this has not been released to this particular build when it is support in Office 365.  I really need this feature and it seems its in every Outlook build but the local Mac build.  Come on!

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