Unable to add work/school account to OneNote App

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I have a user who has created a windows live ID with their work address. So now, when I sign into O365 as this user and I put in user@domain.com, I get asked "work/school or personal" - we all know that dialog box. Not a problem 99% of the time. Until my "helpdesk" uninstalled/reinstalled office for this user to attempt to fix an outlook problem. Now that OneNote is no longer part of the Office Pro Plus bundle and we had to get it from the Windows Store, I cannot connect both the personal account and work/school account to OneNote. And I have to connect the personal account. I can connect other work/school accounts, so I know that's not an issue. I can add her work/school account to my OneNote on my computer, so that's not an issue. How do I add a work/school account with the exact same username as the personal account? Is it even possible? I get no errors when I attempt this, it just doesn't add.
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