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hi Everyone - I am relatively new to O365 and am hoping someone can assist me.  I am trying to find the best way to create a collaborative document for my leadership team to use.  We need to be able to create sections and pages, which we can do in one note.  The issue we are having is that if I create a notebook and share it to the group, when they go in and make edits it is not showing the date/time or user that made the change.  I have the setting set to view authors, but for some reason that does not always display the author, and it never shows the date/time of the change.


I only see the date and time that the page was created.  I would greatly appreciate any advice/assistance on this!  Thank you.

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Hi @dfeldman 


If you right click on the text that has changed, you can find out the author and the date/time, also you can see the authors initials, if you have collaboration setup correctly you can collaborate in real time, you can test this through OneNote in the browser first. 


Hope this helps!  

Simon Allison