Syncing Notebooks from tablet to phone and PC.

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Hi, I have some trouble syncing Notebooks. When I create a Notebook on my Samsung tablet, I want it to sync to my phone (android) en PC (windows). However, the Notebooks created on my tablet don't show up in my OneNote app on my phone and neither on my PC. The Notebooks are present in OneDrive. I can access the Notebooks via OneDrive and open them up this way on my phone/PC. But I want it to sync automatically and show up in the 'More Notebooks' tab. The strange thing about this is, is that I have a personal OneDrive and a OneDrive for school. The Notebooks that I save in my personal OneDrive DO show up on my phone and PC. This isn't the case regarding my Notebooks saved in my OneDrive for school. 

Are there any solutions?


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@FransJJ So I just had a thought.

Today at school I created a Notebook on my tablet, saved it on my OneDrive destined for school and it did sync to my phone the way I wanted it to. Is it possible that, only when I'm connected to my school's network, it works?


Note: the OneDrive I use for school is being offered by my school.