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I appreciate OneNote for the convergence of the app between Windows and android, for the ability to store objects of different types and for the advantages offered by the cloud, consequently Onenote has become my only note manager, and as a keychain for passwords, although this is not the main function of Onenote....


However, the risk of no longer having access to one or more protected sections due to password loss, does not make me feel comfortable and as a secondary effect, I am forced to use the same password for all sections so as not to run the risk of forgetting it by exposing myself to security risks.

So I signed up in this forum with the intention of asking that a secure password recovery method be implemented in Onenote in case of loss and if this request had already been made by other users, I join my request to theirs



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Hi @GGkRel 


This is an excellent point. I myself keep all of my section passwords in KeePass for this very reason, but it is concerning that should something happen I could potentially lose important information because there isn't a method to reset/unset a password like I can with my Microsoft Account, for example.


This is primarily a user-to-user forum, so while Microsoft employees do frequent and respond to posts such as this, Microsoft's preferred method for ideas/user feedback on their products is to UserVoice.


The OneNote UserVoice forum is at and I can see there are a number of posts regarding this already - upvoting and adding your comments is the best way for Microsoft to take note and hopefully look at providing a solution in the future. The more upvotes a feature has, the better chance that Microsoft will look into incorporating it in future.


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