OneNote thinks my notes are by another person in my own notebook

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Opened my own work notebook this morning (desktop version from a file on my OneDrive) and it showed the notes I made the other day as if they had been made by someone else in a shared notebook ie had KD (my initials) next to them.  When I hovered over the KD it showed the same username/email as I am logged in with.  I have checked and it is synced properly and opened the online version direct from OneDrive; I opened the "shadow" version on my C: in case it was due to a drop in connectivity, but no data is missing etc.

My notebook was shared with a colleague, but she hasn't updated anything in it.
Has anyone else had this?  Any ideas?

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Hi @kathryndillon_4693 


I've seen this behaviour before in my own OneNote's (not shared with anyone) where I've been editing on one machine then view it on a different machine. Can you recall doing this?

Hi @HidMov I've not used a different machine for months.  I'm convinced it's something to do with a connectivity problem as my wi-fi isn't great at home.  At least I'm not the only one to have it.



@kathryndillon_4693 Very odd. Most of the references I've seen and from my own experience have been because I've used another machine, or swapped between the desktop version/UWP version/web version on the same machine.


Not sure why this is showing when you haven't used another machine but I suspect you may be right about the connectivity - it might be syncing up under a different user session and thus thinking that it's been edited elsewhere. I used to turn on the "hide authors" option when I was working from 4 or 5 different machines because I found it visually annoying.

Interestingly @HidMov when I look at authors it shows 2 for me - one just with my first name, and one with both my names, but when I look at the email address associated with my O365 acc they are the same. 

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I solved it by logging out of O365 and logged back in and that sorted it.  When I look at Authors it still shows the one with just my first name, but I hadn't done much under that.  Very weird, though.