OneNote Keeps Jumping to the top of the Page

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This is probably the most annoying bug out there. This issue has been ongoing for years now and it seems like Microsoft is not fixing this issue. I have searched through multiple threads and I haven't found any solution for this...


Microsoft OneNote constantly jumps to the top of the page when looking at an inserted PDF. This usually happens when I'm scrolling with my MacBook Pro trackpad.


I'm begging anyone who has a solution to this to speak up. It is extremely annoying having to scroll back to a specific page on a 40+ page document. Sometimes, it happens every 30 seconds or so and it makes the user experience almost unbearable at this point. The only reason I haven't switched away from OneNote is that I have all my other notes on this program. PLEASE HELP!!


Details: Microsoft OneNote 16.45

MacBook Pro: MacOS Catalina 10.15.2

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