OneNote Crashes on Google Pixelbook (Chromebook)

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I have a Google Pixelbook that I use daily and I am having issues with OneNote on this Chromebook. If I use in the Chrome browser, it shows my OneNote notebook. Once the notebook is selected, OneDrive is shown briefly, then a selection to install the OneNote Android App or "Not Now". If I select "Not Now", the browser display goes back to the OneDrive listing of files.


If I install the OneNote Android App, My OneNote Notebook, Sections and Pages display fine. I can also select a Page and display it. But If I click on the page to edit, OneNote crashes. Tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, same issue.


I cleared the browser cache but there is still the same issue with OneNote Online.

The issue with the OneNote Android App is there with any page in any section of my (one) notebook. I can use the OneNote app on my Pixel 3a phone fine and can edit these pages fine on that phone.


I exported then imported my notebook per the procedure at

The export and import worked fine and now I have a new "xx-1" notebook in addition to my original one. Unfortunately, same issue with the new notebook.


Google Pixelbook

ChromeOS Version 86.0.4240.49 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

OneNote App version 16.0.13231.20222

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@Jetski777 I'm having this same issue on a Pixelbook. I just realized that I can use OneNote in the browser though, so I guess I'll be doing that until this is fixed:


Same OneNote version: 16.0.13231.20222



I have the exact same issue.  Hopefully this is resolved soon.  The web version isn't bad, but IDK how to pin it to my desktop... lol 

Same problem here with my Asus chromebook. Hope it will be fixed soon.



@Jetski777 - No idea how either, I just bookmarked it from Chrome. 

@Jetski777 same issues here. Trying to highlight this issue so it gets fixed. 



The OneNote app is now working on my Pixelbook with these OS/App versions:


Google Pixelbook

ChromeOS Version 87.0.4280.24 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

OneNote App version 16.0.13328.20244