Notebooks and Sections Unresponsive to "Long Press" on iPad

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I use 2 iPads with the One Note app as well as a Mac, syncing to One Drive through my 365 account.

My issue, I find on one of the 2 iPads that I am unable to get the Note Books or Sections to respond to a "long press", that I may rearrange for instance, among other things.  The Note books and Sections let me navigate them otherwise for access to their contents but I cannot get them to respond to the "long press for manipulation otherwise.

I've reached out to support directly and was provided a case number: 1010885248, suggesting that I post my concern after her attempts to talk me through what she could, to no avail.

I've used and I'm articulate with One Note's navigation after several years at this point.  My other iPad, Mac and Online One Drive and One Note are operating and syncing just fine, including modifications to specific notes in the iPad in question... 

I simply cannot use the "long press" to manipulate the contents.

I've logged out of the iPad app.  I've reset the app and logged back in, adding the folders back in... I've deleted that app, reinstalled and get the same outcome in all cases.  No "Long Press" available...


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