Leaning on tablet screen when taking handwritten notes

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Hi there,

I am looking for an app to take handwritten notes using a stylus.


I love OneNote as I currently use it for other things.  I'm now trying to use it to take handwritten notes, but as my hand leans on the screen of my tablet that touch is registered as the input, not the tip of my stylus.  


Is there a way of blocking the touch of my hand so only my stylus is recognised as an input whilst I lean on the screen to write?  Some other apps do provide this functionality currently.


Any help or direction would be gratefully received.




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I have just purchased the little Surface Go and experiencing exactly the same thing, did you get a resolution for this? The wonderful marketing videos show them writing and leaning on the screen - are they fibbing?
I take that comment back! Found the setting 'Ignore touch input when I'm using Pen' and it works.... sorry Microsoft for thinking you had failed me!!

I had that trouble while taking notes in class, but I bough this artists glove (covers the side of my hand) and I haven't had any more problems.