Issues accessing OneNote online - 1 day yes, 10 days no

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I have created a OneNote document over a year ago. I have never had an issue until about 2-3 weeks ago. I would use this document on a regular basis, always using Google Chrome. I could connect from my home laptop or from the computer I use while at work (2 different places, 2 different networks, nothing related). 


The issue I encounter: when I try to connect from my home laptop I can no longer access the document. Instead I have a grey page with a sad face sheet of paper in the middle and when I move the mouse it is written the french equivalent of "the connection has been restored" ("la connexion a été réinitialisée"). Every few days I give it a try and rarely I get access to it from my home laptop, not sure why suddenly I can access it.

Note that all along I had access to the document from the work computer, never had an issue and can still access it.


What I have tried so far on my home laptop:

- clear cookies

- disconnect from google

- incognito mode

- connect via another email address of mine which I have given access to the document

- restart the computer

- different browsers

- open OneNote online then click on the document (as opposed to relying on the link I had bookmarked)

- reinstall google chrome

- connect OneNote from my laptop to synchronize info with the online version (when I did that it changed the order of all my tabs for some reasons, and the colors on each tab no longer show - but this is not important, what matters is getting access back to the document).


And just before writing this post I have tried again while chatting with a microsoft customer rep. We managed to access it once (right after reinstalling google chrome), and to give it a try I closed google, reopened it, and I no longer had access to it after that. 


Would anyone know what is going on and what else I may try to gain complete access back to this document?


Thanks in advance for your precious help




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My advise would be to open that Onenote in the Onenote app or the Onenote application. That would be far more stable than a browser.

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@Hans Le Roy thanks for replying. I was able to reach the document by signing in to OneNote. It didn't work on the second attempt unfortunately. For now, I can only try and try again until I may have access. Hopefully someone came across the same issue and found a solution to this.

Thanks again


Once it is opened in Onenote (app or application), it should be accessible directly until you close it explicitly. What happens if you reopen Onenote?



@Hans Le Roy 

Hi Hans,
You are right, once it is open it stays open. However, I would prefer not to rely on this to ensure I keep having access to it. And I guess I would face the same issue every time I turn off my laptop, which is every day.
So far your method of logging in to OneNote then access the document has been the best. It doesn't always work at the first attempt but by trying a few times so far I could eventually access it. Better than nothing!
As for your question, if I close and try to open it again, or even if I try to duplicate the page, it is a hit or miss. Once yes, once no. When it doesn't work I get the exact same error page as described in my initial message. 


>However, I would prefer not to rely on this to ensure I keep having access to it.

It's the way the Onenote app is designed: you open it, and you have direct access to the onenote notebooks you had open last time.

>And I guess I would face the same issue every time I turn off my laptop, which is every day.

If you restart your laptop and start Onenote, don't you see your notebook?

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@Hans Le Roy 

Thanks Hans for keeping up with me! :)

So I kept OneNote open in my browser when shutting down my computer. I have restarted my computer several times and it is true that OneNote from the browser has been working after every restart. I guess I will keep it open in my browser forever! :)

Hi again!


Although OneNote does open, I can see the synchronization doesn't work. That means I can access all the work I have done so far but I cannot edit or add anything since it will get lost anyway.


I refreshed the page, then tried to log in to OneNote again, and again and again and I am back to my original issue.


I don't get what's wrong. Well, anyway, thanks for all your support so far, I will soon give it up. Is there any software that is similar to OneNote? Feeling bad asking here but I am stuck :\

>I can see the synchronization doesn't work.
In my experience the cause of such behavior is the mobile device that hasn't been connected (or synced) after the last modifications.
> Is there any software that is similar to OneNote?
Yes, but not as powerful. Evernote, for instance. In my experience syncing in Evernote is slower - but it has the advantage of letting you assign a note to different sections (tags).
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