How to download a onenote book or move to a different account?

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I am about to move schools and I would like to take my onenote books with me to my new organisation.  Is there a way to export my book?  It seems like it should be possible


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Hi @MartynWheeler ,

I recommend you the following tutorial:

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Unfortunately that is for the old version of onenote.  Is there a way for the version of windows 10?



I have the Office 365 Version. It's working on my device. Can you maybe provide your version and a screenshot when you enter in Onenote "File" to show us ur menu



There is no "file" menu?  Is there a different version of OneNote - I am using the one that comes with Windows 10.





Oh shit. Mh okay let's try this:
Are there any possibilitys to share your notebook?
Is this your personal computer?
Does you have access to onenote web?

Maybe the following articles help you aswell:
I will look later, but that looks like onenote 2016 again. I may have to install the old version to export. Seems like a fairly simple thing I want to do...