Handwritten text from iOS super inaccurate on PC

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Hi guys,


I am having a problem. I usually write my notes on PC because I find it quicker. I want to come back to these notes later with my iPad. I want to underline stuff, and make handwritten notes I might have missed.


The problem is, whenever I highlight something on iPad or make a handwritten note, it looks great (see Example - iPad photo). You can see that my notes look neat, aligned and Example 4 is underlined correctly. When I open OneNote on PC, the handwritten notes are all moved up and it looks like **bleep**. (see Example - PC photo). You can see that Example 4 is not underlined anymore and Example 5 is rather strike-through.


Are there any fixes for that? Because this just destroys the idea to do both typed and handwritten notes.




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I experience the same thing between Windows devices. Not all the time, but sometimes, when I write something in a shared note, it looks fine on my device, but when someone else reads it on their device, it isn’t aligned correctly, looking all messed up.