Copy link to a paragraph and open it only in local installed software.


Function: "Copy link to a paragraph" is very useful (after selection word >Right Mouse Button). Often I use it. I Looked through the forum and I'm not sure how many of you use it because there is not much posts about it.    Due to the speed, convenience…  I use onenote installed on my computer (online version search much longer). I want to copy links to and open it only in a computer version of the program.   When I paste a link to Word there are no problem. In the case of other programs is the complication, because always are inserted 2 strings (1: online link, 2 offline link). In this case, the default is first (online).  

Both Looks like this: ...



I want that the function "copy link to a paragraph" copy over to the Clipboard only 2 link (beginning with "onenote") onenote://   

How can I do that?

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