Anyone else still missing dark mode?

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Is anyone else still missing dark mode? I'm running version 16001.11629.20028.0 and have all the other recent 'upgrades' but am still missing dark mode.

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I am using Version 16001.11629.20028.0 , on this version it is normal to not see the option.


Microsoft is rolling out dark mode for OneNote gradually, and as you don’t see the option on 16001.11629.20028.0 , you’ll need to switch to the OneNote Preview ring, and then try to enable the option. Retart you machine, it should appear there. Sometimes appears just by closing and re-opening  one note :)


Under options > Under the “OneNote Preview” section, turn on the toggle switch.



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@DeletedToday it was missing for me, but appeared automatically after lunch, so the app got upgraded during the day.
I have to note, that I am using OneNote UWP version from MS Store and not the one that comes with Office package.