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I have access to a shared Windows folder as part of a Active Directory group on a network.  I need to set the permissions on the folder for the rest of the organization to Write Only.  No one other then the specific AD group or Administrators should have anything other then write access.


Please note that the share is not in OneDrive nor Office 365.  This is a standard network share.  Using OneDrive or Office 365 is not an option in this case.


I have seen several resources which suggest that setting the share permissions to "Full Control" for domain users and then setting more restrictive NTFS permissions might work but I am having a problem identifying how to accomplish this.  There does not seem to be a lot of documentation on write only access as compared to read only.


Can anyone advise?


Thank you



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You were on the right track in the last paragraph. To achieve write only on the share you will need to give domain users full control on the share permission and then on the NTFS permission set to write only. You can test this by creating a notepad txt file and saving it to the share you are wanting to write only. You should be able to save, but when you try to open the share, it will not allow you to open the share.