Wipe hard drive & reinstall OS, OneDrive on Mac laptop keeps processing thousands of changes

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We use OneDrive on 4 Mac laptops and one iMac for EHR for a small clinic. No problems except this one M1 MacBook Air. Just a month ago, every other day it would suddenly process THOUSANDS (50,000+) of changes. In the OneDrive menu, normally you'd see what would be trying to sync, but there was nothing, all you could see was the blue arrow rotating saying Processing X changes.


When this happens, that MacBook pauses all syncing until it's done processing which is not acceptable for business. I erased all data from the Mac, reinstalled OneDrive, still had the same problem. Reinstalled OS and tried again. Still the same problems. Then went into Disk Utility, erased the entire volume, reinstalled OS, installed all updates and installed OneDrive, seemed to work okay for a week. Then, the problems came back. So decided to erase volume and try again, but first I made sure to UNLINK the Mac from the OneDrive before doing so.


Next morning after doing all that work, everything seemed fine. Then, got into the office an hour later and it started processing thousands of unknown changes again. 


What could be causing this and why is it only happening to this MacBook Air when the other 2 MacBook Airs are the same model? 

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