Win 10 1903 update broke OneDrive compatibility

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Hi I'm hoping this is the right place to post , I'm despaired if anyone has some info in this

OneDrive' s shellfolder implementation is working differently after I updated to  win10 1903.

Now, System.StorageProviderState(Availiability Status) always responds "Sync pending".

It doesn't matter how you obtain the property (vb scripting, NET,C++, getdetailsEx, IpropertyStore::GetValue) it ALWAYS responds "Sync pending".


Before 1903 it worked flawlessly

Does anyone knows how compatibility is broken?

internal apps that was looking for statue changes now does not work

The only thing I can think, is going back on old Win version

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Sh*t, docs was up since 1703 but I guess it was implemented in windows in 1903, I was looking whats new in 1903 and totally miss it


From 1903 everything outside %systemroot% has PHCM_DISGUISE_PLACEHOLDER for default.

Changing it to PHCM_EXPOSE_PLACEHOLDERS,  makes everything good, and the sun to shine.

The reasoning for this was that many devs don't understand reparse points. Can't argue there.