Why is the user's email address visible in share link?

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Microsoft should have done a better job at making the share link more anonymous.  Anytime I send someone outside of my company a share link URL, I am also giving away my email address too.  This could be a security risk if I want to share a file from someone outside of my organization that I don't want access to my email address or even name.  For instance, videos that I want confidential are hard to send to people through a URL securely.  I may not want the user linking my name to whatever the contents of the video are, but do just want to give them access to the video itself.  For example, sending a developer a screen recording of a software problem.  The video might contain personal information that when linked to my email username that is clearly visible in the link, could be detrimental in the wrong hands.  The work around here is to upload using youtube as a delisted video which would look goofy to a corporate customer (and may not even load if they have the URL filtered).



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