Why am I able to reach these pages with a normal account?

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I have an Office 365 account without any admin privileges, but somehow I can still reach pages at It takes a second before I get an "access denied", but this gives me enough time to click on for example. Everything on the other pages is greyed out, but on this page, two settings as shown in the screenshot seem to be available to me. Haven't tried to make changes as this is the production environment, but I find it strange that I get to see these pages at all with a normal account. Is anyone else experiencing this and can someone reassure me that normal users can't make any changes by changing the settings on that page?

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After reading your post, i can confirm i am experiencing the same. a standard user types in, and theres a split second time window before it says access denied and during this time i can access any of the options from the left pane!!


This is not supposed to work this way,,,,

Someone just checked with an admin account and mentioned that the data shown on the pages is different than the actual values in the settings and enabling the checkboxes on the page shown in my screenshot doesn't have an impact on the environment. Would still be better if standard accounts just got to see the "access denied" message though. 

Just tried in one of my tenants and not seeing this!
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Hi all,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're investigating the issue now. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

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