Where is Restore All Items in OneDrive for Business

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I did not found "Restore All Items" in OneDrive for Business. I can see only "Restore" option.


I saw some of the article that this option is exist in OneDrive Personal.

To Enable "Restore All items" is there any setting in Office 365/Tenant admin. 



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Do you mean in the recycle bin? What about simply selecting all items and clic Restore option?

Hi Juan


Yes, I mean recycle bin. As you suggested selected all items and click on restore. It is ok for 100 or 200 items. But it very painful if you have items in thousands.


I heard in my other items, that "Restore All" feature releasing soon as it was announced in Ignite.



I see, this feature will come at some point before the end of the year...no specific dates shared by Microsoft

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Four years later and still I have to go through and click restore at 100 selected items at a time.


Absolutely, staggeringly useless. 



I only synced some folders I didn't want synced (Documents, Desktop etc) by clicking through on the post-installation prompts by mistakes. Now unlinking my personal documents is an absolutely nightmare. I didn't need this problem today!

Did you have any tips to restore all files in the trash ?
I need to restore more than 100 000 files and can't do it myself ...

The only option I see is you/somebody writes a PowerShell script to do the Job. Unfortunately Microsoft has not evolve the Restore your OneDrive feature since it was launched, so the same usability problems mentioned in this thread are still present