When moving a file from OneDrive to SharePoint the file is also added to the recycle bin.. strange!?

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I just found that when I choose the 'Move to' option for a file in my OneDrive, then in addition to the file being moved to the SharePoint site of choice, the file is also moved to the recycle bin in OneDrive. Seems very strange to me. I can then also restore the document, giving me the situation I had before the move in OneDrive, but then also having a copy in the SharePoint site.

Anyone else wonder about this happening. Maybe MS can shed some light on it also..



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Ops, I'm able to reproduce this and to me this is totally unexpected unless the intention is to provide a kind of "Un do" @Stephen Rice @Stephen Rose can you drop some light here?

Thanks for flagging this! I'll redirect to the right folks. Thanks,


Stephen Rice

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Hi @Henning Strand & @Juan Carlos González Martín,


I chatted with the feature owners and this is expected. We place a copy of the file into the recycle bin in case something happens during the move or the move was made by mistake. Hope that helps!


Stephen Rice

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Hi Stephen,

We are starting to migrate from subsites to site collections and this is being noticed more and more.

Is it possible to have a notification that this is actually happening?

Users are starting to panic when they notice their files in the recycle bin and when you're moving a few hundred files, it takes a long time to double check everything is there.


@Stephen Rice 

Hi @Andrew Silcock,


Thanks for the feedback! I will pass this along to the feature owners but I don't know if this is something we'll be able to quickly. I'd recommend submitting this over at as this helps us prioritize what we work on next. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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@Stephen Rice 


This is also causing problems for some of my clients, it is my understanding that if you are moving files/folders within the same sharepoint document library that a copy of those items should not be placed in the recycle bin. This is mostly how it works but sometimes my client has something wacky go on with the move and ends up with the copies in the recycle bin, cue the client panicking and restoring those items to the original location causing alot of confusion.


Can anybody explain what has gone on in this screenshot as my colleague witnessed this and we believe it is related to the problem.62544355_1671077343038496_6501406620042395648_n.jpg 

Yes, we are getting this 100%+ thing as well. Very strange.