What to do with decomissioned users onedrive

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How are others handling an users onedrive once they leave the company?


I would like a way to move files from an old user to their manager not needed to download and upload the files, just move them across o365.


We are pushing to replace H: drives with onedrive but need this part of our decomission process.



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We actually use a third party software to move the data between OneDrives

Hi can you please share what would be the thrid party software which you use?

We use the default Microsoft way of setting access to the manager and we choose not to move data because we see it will only grow and sits there, instead of a manager who is asked to check someones data and save what needs to be saved.


In the AD we set a manager on all users.


When you delete a account, the manager receives an email and automaticaly gets access on the persons onedrive for (default 30 days (?!)but you can change this via powershell). 7 days before the definitive deletion the manager receives another email saying in 7 days the account will be deleted.


This way the manager is responsible of checking for relevant data and is able to download en store this content elsewhere. 


More info https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3042522/onedrive-for-business-retention-and-deletion

We use Sharegate

We also do this with the managers being automatically notified - but we have found over time that the typical manager doesn't want all these files. They would rather have them go to someone else.