What steps to follow to move users from their mapped personal drives to One drive for business?

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We have several 100 users whose personal mapped drive is R drive on our network. We want to move all of them to One drive for business. What steps to follow in our domain controller (GPO) in order to prompt all those users to move their Known Folders (Desktop, Documents, Picutures) to one drive? It must prompt notifications to each user. I tried to follow links from the google, but nothing worked so far.



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Use this guide for an overview of how it will work:

And this guide on how to enforce KFM policies:

Basically your options are either user the SPMT to seed the folders with user data or redirect the stuff back local and then let the OneDrive Client move it for you. Here is the SPMT article:

@jawiley - Thanks for pointing out to some good direction. I am wondering about the link to enforce KFM policy. It says to install one drive sync app and copy two files(onedrive.adml and onedrive.admx). Where to install one drive sync app? on domain controller?  where to get those files from .admx and adml? Is it on each user computer (100s of them joined to domain) or from only domain controller? I enabled the policy by putting tenant ID and run gpupdate in our domain controller. Nothing happened so far. Please