What is the file size figure in parentheses when OD4B client is uploading or downloading

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Recently I had a file that was truncated after OD4B Synced the file.  I noticed on this file that the client said it was Uploading 75.1MB of 262.0 MB (175.0 MB).


After I restored several older versions from version history, I noticed client said it was either uploading or downloading xx.x MB of xxx.x MB (xxx.x MB), where the number in parentheses is the same as of number before the parentheses.  For example:  Uploading  65.5 MB of 261.5 MB (261.5MB)


This is the only file I've noticed that has a file size number in parentheses, and the corruption occurred after the file size in the parentheses was smaller than the number outside the parentheses.


What is the meaning or significance of having a file that shows a file size in parentheses, and should I expect that this is an early warning sign of corruption or truncation ahead?


05/20/2020 - 16:58 - I added a second screen shot showing the reduced file size in the parentheses.  Again, I'm trying to find out what is represented by the file MB number in the parentheses. 


Thank you.


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