What exactly are the limitations on the new OneDrive for Business?

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Hi everyone!


I am wondering what exactly are the limitations when Syncing from SharePoint Sites.


For example is used to be a total of 20000 items limitation synced and a 5000 item limit on each library.


Are these limitations now gone with the new client?


Is the file path limit also gone?


I have already opened a case with Microsoft but couldn't get a clear response but just a link that i 've already visited and hasn't provided enough information.


Thanks !

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The official documentation is here (probably you have already seen it...): https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3125202/restrictions-and-limitations-when-you-sync-files-an...

With NGSC the item number limitations for syncing are gone. The path limit length is now raised to 400 charachters in SPO (this feature is still rolling out...).

Hope it helps...


Thanks for the response!


So is the new client able to sync libraries with more than 5000 items?

Based on which is stated in the article, yes. (I have not tested it personally.)

@Juan Carlos González Martíncould perhaps confirm...

Yeap, this limit has been removed with the new sync client...not anymore the 5.000 items restriction

So I understand you are saying that the 5,000 fle limit on SharePoint Online Libraries has been removed????


I know the limit is gone on the OneDrive for Business


Hi Guy, glad to hear from you!

Yes (we are speaking about the limit in syncing with NGSC).

Is your experience different?


No I have not tried to put more than 5,000 files into a SPO Library. Been afraid to try.


My OneDrive has over 25,000 files with no issue.

Well, it would be nice to hear from someone that has actually tried it...

Just bumping this up. Anyone actually have an answer for Feb 2019? How many files can I put in a SharePoint Document Library and sync using the OneDrive client? What are the actual supported limits??

Basically 30 million per list/library

Ms recommends not having or syncing more than 300 000 documents though!